The Team

We begin with a small team, locked in on a long-term vision:

Amyar: the Artist. An Award-winning Artist successfully mutating from Traditional to Digital art. Her love affair with the magic of rabbits is now there for all to see, finally revealing her world.

Warnor: the Timekeeper and Founder/CEO of Labrabz. A lover of conceptual realities, and endless possibilities.

Zoey: Web design, UX/IX and technology advisor.

Joshdcrypto: Labrabz advisor/consultant.

Josh is a lecturer of Organisational Psychology and Big 4 Management Consultant. Josh has over 20 years of experience working with companies to improve cultures, processes, systems, structures and human capital. Josh has been able to bring this knowledge into the Web 3 space to enhance performance and capabilities. Over the last 2 years, Josh has worked for prominent NFT projects including Project Godjira, Llamaverse and ZenAcademy, among others, to help them scale and improve overall performance.

Together, we invite you to mutate. Join our mythical journey as we play with time. Get unreal, skin up with one of our hand-crafted 1/1 genesis collection characters.

Take a look at our mutant bunny from the Bored Ape Yacht Club. We just had to have this set of ears as it resonates with the Labrabz brand.

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