The Lore, The Legend of Labrabz

Many years passed and the tales from people, who had given strange human like creatures a home became common knowledge.

Stories emerging from these friends of  Lab Rabbits and Human DNA genetic experiments were acknowledged.

Labrabz were friendly, highly intelligent and mimicked human behaviour, some reported as talking to an understandable level.

One of the first words spoken “Sa’vive” has become legend, a story of survival against all odds.

Their population grew rapidly, embracing technology and metaverse communities.
Fast forward … 2046 in the much developed inter dimensional Rabbaverse.

The vast communities of “Lab Rabz” excelled in all realms.

Join Amyar the Artist, with Warnor,  the Timekeeper,  play with time.. escape into their world.
Let’s go places no others have gone, and see what we can do there.

Where “Labrabz” culture inhabits the space.

Ready to step into the future… ?

Let your ears down, and skin up with some of the most interesting LabRabz that inhabit the Rabbaverse.

Be the journey.

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