Early Days

Warnor did some digging through Amyar’s pre-Labrabz Instagram posts, sharing below some posts and pics to give an insight of “the doxing of Amyar”.

Hello beautiful people, Well I’ve been very busy these last few months and have been creating some pieces I’m really proud of, escaping to the beach or the vegie patch when a change of scenery is needed. But your probably more interested in my art than my carrots and lettuce (which are doing great by the way), so let me show you what I’ve been up to. You may have read in my bio that I believe we are all multi facetted, and here is the perfect example. My two recent works completed are titled “Flight Of The Butterfly” and “Hope”. For my sanity I jump from one to the other, “Flight Of The Butterfly” is all woman and simply stunning, but after her I was yearning to express my inner child, and “Hope” emerged due to the plight of our native animals, shortly after our devastating bushfires in Australia. Both these originals were for sale at the prestigious, Tiffany Jones Art Gallery, in Buderim, Queensland, Australia, viewing by appointment only. Tiffany is a fine art consultant and her knowledge is immense, she is one of Queenslands most respected art dealers, showcasing fine art by iconic and emerging Australian artists. Years ago, I used to dream of exhibiting in this renowned gallery, and now finally I am so excited to realise that dream.

Love Rayma (now Amyar) x

Hi from Amyar, this is one of my earliest ” labrabz” and the one that i have chosen. I love “Cirque Du Soleil, and this one i envisaged as the orchestrator and creator of the magic. My art often begins with a vision and sometimes it gets created before my eyes, evolving from the nothingness. My creations begin with a sketch, then transformed into the digital persona of each unique character. My “labrabz” have soul, and the essence of me.

Flight Of The Butterfly

It always amazes me, when we detach from what we are, what we can we allow ourselves to become. This idea came to me last year and she’s been waiting to grace the easel, but I feel like she was worth the wait. “Flight Of The Butterfly” is the embodiment of feminine liberation. Completely confident in her skin, poised and captured in one perfect second, she is a performer like no other, commanding of all. Butterflies are breathtakingly beautiful and none more beautiful than her. When I’m sketching, I’m visualising the completed work. In the beginning I envisioned lots more butterflies, almost a veil of them enveloping her, but then it would have been more about the butterflies and less about her. She is the star of this piece and so she should be. Choosing of colours had to be both delicate and strong. I needed to create a sense of height, of being in almost an ethereal place. I chose a delicate eggshell blue and added grey greens and blue violets for the background. To portray her strength and confidence her kimono had to be red, of course, it could be no other colour. I chose similar colours for the butterflies, and these are the same butterflies I see around the farm where I live. So for your pleasure and mine I present “Flight Of The Butterfly”.

Rayma x


From a child I’ve had an immense love for all animals, the slimy ones and hairy eight legged ones included. Australia’s recent bushfires were devastating and the images on the T.V. left me heartbroken and in tears. This painting is about love, protecting and preserving the incredible beauty this land holds. A child’s love is pure, nothing more, nothing less. This story is about the innocence and hope of a child, hope for the survival of our native animals, hope for hard times to end. As we know Australia is a land of extremes, and all times have a cycle. Droughts don’t last forever. With rain on the horizon and flowers on the gums, there is hope.

Rayma x

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