Charitable Mission

Our charitable mission aims to make a real difference by supporting organisations that are achieving results in relieving suffering of animals. We will be donating a percentage of NFT sales to our selected charitable organisations.

Our first goal is to adopt a bear through Free The Bears, so we can see the tangible results of our charity at work. Together then, we will move forward with our discord community on where best to direct our support organisations working on non-animal scientific research.

Read on below in this channel to keep up to date with the organisations we intend to support. Our end goal is to provide real time results (images/videos) that our donations have contributed to. This space will grow as our community evolves.

Excerpt Taken From

“The Home Office’s Annual Statistics report that the number of scientific procedures carried out on living animals in the UK in 2022 is 2.76 million. This is a 10% decrease from 3.06 million procedures in 2021. Whilst this decrease is positive, we remain concerned about the number of experimental procedures still taking place using animals, particularly with regards to basic research, where there is no legal requirement to use animals and more scope to explore non-animal research. Through our FRAME Lab and Training School in partnership with the University of Nottingham we continue to educate scientists and researchers around the world in ethics, experimental design best practice, and non-animal methods. We’ve seen five amazing PhD students finish their studies with the FRAME Lab in 2022. We’ve trained 102 PhD students in experimental design. We’ve hosted 33 people on our Experimental Design and Statistical Analysis Training School in Norway. Through inclusive education, we hope to increase the use of non-animal methods both in the UK and around the world. We believe this will create better science, a better workplace and, of course, a better world – for animals and humans!

Be A Bear Carer

Without protected forest for release, we‘ll need to provide lifelong support to hundreds of rescued sun bears and moon bears. Both species are endangered, listed on the IUCN Red List as Vulnerable to Extinction. We can only provide this ongoing care with your help. There are also bears suffering in bile farms and the illegal wildlife trade that we continue to rescue each month, placing strain on our small charity and limited resources. Our family of Bear Carer monthly donors are key to the survival of Free the Bears. Your contribution provides hundreds of rescued bears with a healthy diet, treats, vet care and beautiful enclosures containing swimming pools, caves and hammocks. You‘ll also be helping rescue bears suffering in bear bile farms and the illegal wildlife trade that urgently need our help. If you wish to donate or check out go to “

Supporting on the ground organisations that make a real impact in “delivering freedom from suffering” to animals and small creatures that have no hope. From 24/7 torture and death, to freedom and survival is a great achievement. Therefore our first goal will be adopting a bear that has been freed from the horrors of “bear bile farming” and supporting its ongoing care, as they are unable to be released into the wild after their ordeal. Then we will look to support organisations that advance “non-animal scientific research. Lets see what we can do........

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