Time... 04:35 August 14 2046...
"Incident: level 5 high security Zgenlab ", "Missile strike report:", "Crisis Alert: Mutant nuclear genetic experimental station destroyed", "Instruct: Z unit", "Urgent: Secure site immediate", "Contain site put down any animals, contagion levels extreme, do not remove any remains, debris or materials", "04:46 August 14 2046", "First responder report.", "Major damage, facility largely destroyed.", "Strange creatures eating in the ruins, looked rabbit like but moved upright like human.", "No human found dead or alive.", "30 or more creatures escaping at high speed... unable to contain.", "17 dead... 12 injured put down... site secured, handed over to Genlab security officers.", "End report; M Rolston Z unit", "04:49 Media instruct; Coverage of incident immediate Ban."

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